How Storytelling is Important for Everyone: Virgin Group’s Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur has a way to make everything go his way. With a lot of things on his to-do list, Richard never fails to surprise his followers and his readers. Speaking of which, his autobiography, ‘How I find my Virginity’ is a clear statement that he has between him and the Virgin Group of companies which is incidentally his own company. The 67 years old walking example of success is enough for you to get motivated no matter what situation you are in right now.

One after another, was it a goal to write or a reflex?

According to Richard, he might actually write the third edition if he lives long enough. The writing of a book doesn’t make someone important but that’s what writing is all about in the first place. With him being the center of attraction with his sequel ready to woo the world. We can say that Richard is going to be a pretty busy man signing a few books and making them worth a read. The best part about him being a writer is that he does it for fun. There is no royalty motive or a reason to be richer than he already is (I am sure he wants to though). But the main thing is that he enjoys what he does. That’s what separates him from others at times.

Why a book?

The reason is simple. It is a book that holds the key to inspire the young generation. Richard started with 200 euro and what turned to be a working hub of 90.000 people today. It is not about how much money you make but what you make of the money. This is the intention that he and his book bears. And if the intention is powerful, we can only assume what the result might turn out to be in the near years. Apart from that, his ideology that clearly states what kind of person Richard is making him completely different than an average person. His idea is simple yet powerful. Anyone can achieve anything if only he has the will to make it happen the way he wants to.

How he remembers so many things at once?

He practically writes everything down. He doesn’t miss anything and that’s why it turns out to be an idea in time. The efficiency of a person lies in his memory. If you have a strong memory, it is only a matter of time before you jot down everything and make it a success statement. If you don’t, just use a notebook and write everything down. That way, you may read when you feel like and who knows, you might end up making something extraordinary.

What’s special about this book?

The 2014 space incident was a real bummer. All the answering to the press and the employees with their big, disappointed eyes was a little too much to take. But then again, that’s life and must be written down. Though, it is not the favorite but an important one to mention. With the notes that he has kept, it was a rather easy one to write than to fabricate in the end.

Sam (his son) is also there with his 4 or 5 years innocence when he was getting married. The next day, a friend of his was also getting married and the reaction of Sam was like “You can’t get married, you don’t have any children yet.”

There was also a time when a 9-year-old girl walked up to him and said that he looks familiar to Richard Branson. He should probably take a job in a look-alike company where he can fit in.

Action-pack life, by design or by Co-incidence?

It’s like asking someone ‘statement or understatement’. His life is exciting but he can’t admit it as it will get him into trouble. Success is many small changes accumulated over a period of time. By throwing himself into various different situations, he understands what the delicacy of a situation is from time to time. A cruise ship company about to open, a meeting with the elders of the independent group leaders, a game reserve in mind to fulfill. What’s next? He is ready for everything.

Luck or skill? What’s his cup of tea?

There is a small and dignified line between luck and skill. If there is a shortage of funds and you want to become an entrepreneur, you always have to be n the right side of skill. A simple miscalculation can cost you the entire game. But then again, that’s what separates a good entrepreneur than a lucky businessman. That’s the ultimate teaching if you want to stand I the line of the little more than ordinary.

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