GungHo publishes latest information on Ragnarok Masters, including 'magic injection' to create weapons

GungHo Online Entertainment <3765> is February 13 Sun, “ Ragnarok Masters '', 2020 to add in February, such as a new map “ Nibbleheim '' Nibbleheim Update ”

■ New information on “Nibbleheim Update” scheduled for February!

Information on the addition of a new guild fort and information on a new “Kamiki” series for new occupations and a new system “Magic Injection” that can create powerful weapons is released.


In the RPG “Ragnarok Masters” that everyone will play, “Nibbleheim Update” will be held in February. In addition, as new information on “Nibbleheim Update”, information on the addition of a new guild fort to “Siege Battle” and information on a new system “Magic Injection” that can produce powerful weapons has been released.

In the Nibbleheim Update, scheduled for February, the new Guild Forts “Chunrim Lake 3” and “Luina 3” will appear in the multiplayer content “Siege Battle”.

By occupying “Chunrim 3”, the material of the moon whisper (whip), which can be equipped with a wanderer, etc., and the “daylight” (instrument), which can be equipped with a minstrel, will occupy “Luina 3”. In this way, you can obtain the materials of the “Knowledge of the Demon Book” (book) that can be equipped with sorcerers, etc. from the “Fort Treasure Chest”, “Base Treasure Chest”, and “Guild's Luxurious Treasure Chest”, and you can manufacture sacred treasures.

In addition, a new system “Magic Injection” that can create powerful weapons also appeared. It is possible to create more powerful weapons using specific weapons and crafting materials, further expanding the range of tactics and strategies.

[Implementation date]

February (planned)

■ The point is big white wings! Fes Lotto “Angelic Collection” Appears! 20 _ 02. html

February Fes gacha “Angelic Collection” starts from February 12 Sell.

For boy characters, “Costume / Glowing Robe / Dawn” and “Costume / Glowing Robe / Midnight”, for girl characters: “Costume / Praise Robe / Earth” and “Costume / Praise Robe / Azure” In addition to outfits designed with the image of the motif, head equipment such as the “ holy wings '', which are characterized by white and wide spread wings, and “ judgment tiaras '' and “ blessing tiaras '' with dazzling golden decorations, and MVPs The lineup includes items that can be summoned by BOSS, such as “Magic Branch 4.0”.

For details, check the festival screen in the game.

【Sales period】

February 12 Date 12 Hour-March 1 11 hour 59 minutes

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