gumi, blockchain business operator gumi Cryptos starts consensus node operation of Theta Lab

gumi <3903> announced that gumi Cryptos, which operates a blockchain business as a consolidated subsidiary of gumi, has started operation of a consensus node for Theta Lab.

Connect to the blockchain network, verify that transactions are correct, and form consensus.

With the participation of gumi Cryptos, the Theta network will be more decentralized and more redundant network operations will be possible. In the future, it will provide various support such as marketing support for Theta network, which is an autonomous decentralized CDN (Contents Delivery Network), in Japan toward the arrival of the 5G and XR eras.

■ Comment from gumi Cryptos Co., Ltd.

By participating in Theta's governance council and consensus node management, we will contribute to the decentralization of Theta blockchain and look forward to various virtuous cycles for building Theta's ecosystem in Japan .

Comment from Mita Liu, co-founder of Theta Lab, Inc

When Google Cloud was hit by a massive blackout on the east coast of the United States last July, one of the Theta nodes also temporarily went down, but the Theta blockchain continued to operate normally, and 100% operation time was maintained. It emphasizes how important it is to have many redundant validator nodes.

Adding gumi Cryptos as a node is an important step towards decentralizing the Theta protocol, welcome to join gumi Cryptos.