Gujarat Assembly Elections: Modi’s Magic is Still in the Air

In Saurashtra’s Morbi, the magic of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still in the air. People came from the Morbi and different nearby areas, repeatedly says that no matter what will be the situation is, victory belongs to “Vada Pradhan” Narendra Modi. Even the dignitaries including Sarpanch Keshubhai Kadivar and Deputy Sarpanch Jayanti Bhai Kadivar together reach to attend the Modi’s rally. Both the dignitaries seems quite happy to meet the Prime Minister of the nation once again.

Before the rally gets started Keshubhai informed that ” there is no problem at all like previously this time even the Ptels are coming with us”. After that Deputy Sarpanch address all by saying ” Vada Pradhan Narendra Modi has done a lot for all of us, previously there was a scarcity of water but in today’s date all the houses were provided with proper drinking facilities. So, there is no chance to quit BJP and go to Congress”.

Uday Bhai Seetabara, residing at Morbi said, “Earlier we were a part of BJP, but later we went for Anamat Andolan. But now we are back to BJP and will support BJP”. Chandresh Patel too gave the similar kind of statement, while he seems quite busy in waiting for the rally, he mentioned ” earlier we were in the Anamat Andolan, but Hardik Patel has now adopted Congress. We will never go to the Congress and will support BJP only”. During the whole rally, it seems that people who are strong supporters of BJP didn’t like the decision of Hardik Patel’s joining hands with Congress.

BJP is still residing in hope that the strategists of BJP will convince Hardik Patel for sure. BJP is quite sure that Hardik Patel along with other supporters will come again back to BJP for sure but those who are the traditional supporters of Congress, they are not going to leave that political party. So, what do you think? Can the Hardik Patel’s support will be enough for Congress to be back in power?

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