Gandii Baat Web series Story Show internal Desire of Men & Women Also watch seductive trailer

Gandii Baat India’s  most popular adult web series

Desire cut the line between what’s right and what’s wrong. If it’s sexual desires, life can take unusual turns. It’s not just true for people living in big cities of India, but also in village of India. These stories say that sex can actually change your life . even rural women going to any Stage for the sake of sex

Director : Sachin Mohite
Four episode in the series features a separate erotic bold -themed story from rural India
1 Threesome: story of a couple and their neighbour.
2 Tharki Buddha: A father in Law Seductive Story

3 Vasu Nag: Based on a women folk seductive story to complete her desire

4.Preeto Rani: It is Mother in law And Son In Law seductive Story

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