France: 21 migrants rescued in the English Channel

(Lille) Twenty-one migrants in three struggling boats were rescued in the English Channel on Saturday while trying to reach Britain, French authorities said.

France Media Agency

At around 2 a.m. (20 p.m. ET), the Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS) Gris-Nez (north) was warned “ that a boat with four migrants on board “was about two kilometers northeast of Sangatte, reported the maritime prefecture of the English Channel and the North Sea in a press release.

These four people, “in severe hypothermia”, were taken care of while their boat had capsized. They are all “safe and sound”.

Later that night, around 3 a.m., a person called for help asking for assistance claiming to be at sea with other individuals four kilometers north of Calais. On the broken down inflatable boat were 13 migrants who were taken in by border police.

Then around 9 am, the Cross Griz-Nez was “warned by a Belgian sailboat that an inflatable kayak type boat with four migrants on board” was “near the channel of the port of Calais”. These four people were recovered by a star of the gendarmerie.