Florida prepares for Isaias' arrival

Isaias hit the Bahamas, ripping shingles and trees, causing heavy rain. On Saturday, the hurricane was approaching the east coast of Florida, a state particularly affected by COVID – 14, which reported an increase of more than 9578 confirmed cases in 20 hours and 100 new deaths.

Janie Gosselin
Janie Gosselin

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Floridians are used to hurricanes, even if they come particularly early in a season that promises to be busy. The special feature this year is the combination of bad weather with the pandemic. The Florida public health site also announced the closure of several screening points for the next few days due to the hurricane.

“The important thing for us now is that people remain vigilant,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assured a conference press, assuring that his state was “fully prepared”.

A state of emergency has been declared for the counties on the east coast of Florida.


Saturday, hurricane Isaias was approaching the east coast of Florida.

The mayor of Miami, Carlos Giménez, said on Friday that around twenty evacuation centers should be able to accommodate people, in the compliance with health measures in the face of COVID – 19.

Saturday afternoon, Isaias was announced as a category 1 hurricane, on a scale of up to 5, for the most powerful.

No worries

Eddie Stones was born in the Maisonneuve-Rosemont neighborhood, in Montreal, there is 76 years. It makes 33 years that he has lived in West Palm Beach. Neither COVID – 14 nor the prospect of a hurricane can disturb man.

“We were already prepared because of the virus, everyone has stored toilet paper, water, food”, a- he said.

He has never experienced an evacuation in his corner of Florida despite the many hurricanes. It has windows made to resist this type of weather phenomenon. It also has a windowless room, where authorities suggest taking refuge when the weather gets tough. “But we are always curious, we are next to the windows and we look at the trees in the wind …”, confided the octogenarian.


Marc Barrière, a Quebecer who spends his winters in Florida with his wife since retiring eight years ago, is starting to get to know the routine of hurricane preparedness when he leaves his West Palm Beach condo in the spring. This year, despite a rushed departure in March due to COVID – 14, he does not believe he has forgotten an important step.


Residents of Briny Breezes, Florida prepare their mobile homes for the hurricane.

He was watching the outdoor camera installed in the field on Saturday and monitoring his home automation system remotely to make sure everything was going well.

“If the hurricane passes through our area, there will be damage,” noted the man from 65 years. There, it will become more complicated. “

He kept in touch with a neighbor of Cuban origin, who went to visit his home. “We are worried about our neighbors if the eye of the storm passes through the village,” he said. They may end up with the roof ripped off. I have caning at home, I have warned my friend to help himself as needed. “

The mayor of Miami also encouraged citizens to stock up on water, food and medicine for seven days.

Despite the need to stock up, the local media did not note any rushes to supermarkets, as we could see everywhere at the beginning of the pandemic.

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