Europe must prepare for possible new waves of COVID-19, WHO warns

In a week, infections and deaths from coronaviruses have tripled in Europe

Televisa News SOURCE: efe FROM: GENEVA, Switzerland

Health systems in Europe must not let their guard down, the WHO warns. (EFE)

Health systems in Europe, a region that concentrates a 60% of new cases of coronavirus COVID – 19 , they must not let their guard down and must prepare for possible seconds or third parties peaks of the pandemic , warned today the head of the European office of the World Health Organization (WHO) , Hans Kluge.

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We must be aware that we are facing a new reality: this is not a sprint race but a marathon, and once the restrictive measures are lifted there could be a second or third peak of cases, “Kluge said in a conference call from Copenhagen.

If only attention is paid to the European Union and the virus, for example, spreads to the east of the continent, it could return, this is proof of our resistance and we have to show solidarity with one another, ”he insisted.

The Belgian doctor highlighted that in one week the infections and deaths associated with the coronavirus have tripled in Europe, and four of the five countries that show the greatest advance of the pandemic are from the Old Continent (Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland).

There are some signs for hope, such as the fact that Italy has shown a slightly slower rate of infections in recent days, but it is early to conclude that the country has reached the peak of infections, “he said.

Kluge assured that the current health crisis must serve to learn lessons and from now on put health “at the top of the political agenda”, without making the mistake of quickly turning the page when the worst is over.

The head of the WHO noted that Asia has shown in this pandemic to be “better prepared”, thanks in part to the experience of having suffered major health crises in past years, such as those caused by other coronaviruses, such as SARS and MERS.

“Their societies are better prepared for drastic measures,” he acknowledged, insisting that when applying these, a balance must be sought between health, socioeconomic impact and human rights.

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