Entrepreneurs: three keys for your business to position itself in networks

When you decide to start and open your own business, you need to position yourself in the market to sell the products or services of your brand. There are different advertising tools and methods to achieve it, however, today, social networks are the focus of searches for all items and it is essential to “put chips” to start growing
Facebook and Instagram are the most used when promoting a business. But it’s not just about publishing and sharing content. There are strategies, schedules, and different ways to achieve a good result.
1. Digital media or bloggers to position yourself in Google
If you started with a tight budget, the ideal would be to look for digital media or bloggers to write on their pages and link yours through a note that has to do with the item you are dealing with.
For example, if you have a healthy food business, it would be a good option to have a note on what the benefits of this type of food are and that your brand appears as a reference.
Ariel Tíferes, a digital journalist who worked at La Nación and currently works on A24, proposes to solve it directly by creating a unique content to be viralized. That is, not fall into traditional advertising.
“We must generate content that has an impact, that is original and that shows what people can not see, that can be viralized and exploited in social networks, which have an unlimited scope,” he said.

2. I chose an “influencer”
Search for a character or reference (ideally it is known to your target audience) that is willing to use your products and advertise in their personal networks.
They are also called “brand ambassadors”, according to the BBC World fine and are those who invite their followers to try the brand.
“It’s a good option, but you have to know well who you choose and who has some relationship with the brand, because it can have a rebound effect and people do not like it at all,” said Tifers.

3. Know your client through SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the positioning of your brand within the internet search engines.
One of the main advantages of online business is that it is possible to recruit a lot of data about customers.
Search for the words that people write in search engines to find businesses like yours and try to find which images are the ones that provoke the most reactions and what kind of web content they share on their platforms and social networks.
“90% of the population in Argentina actively uses Facebook, if you have enough knowledge to invest the money you have at the beginning, you can have results and reach a lot of people, if you do not have it, even if you invest a lot, you will not see no result, “said the digital journalist.

To measure customers, monitoring tools such as BuzzSumo and Metrixapp (which are free) are needed, in addition to Google Analytics.

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