Eight deaths and 585 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexico

As of today, there are two thousand in Mexico 156 suspected cases of coronavirus

Televisa News SOURCE: newscasts televisa FROM: CDMX, Mexico

Authorities of the Ministry of Health reported that as of today 26 March 2020, in Mexico there are eight people killed by coronavirus and 585 confirmed cases.

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In addition to the 585 positive cases, the suspicious cases increased to two thousand 156 and the negative to two thousand 965, detailed the director of Epidemiological Operational Research, Ana Lucía de la Garza Barroso, at today's conference from the National Palace.

Ana Lucía de la Garza Barroso pointed out that smoking is one of the major risk factors, detected in people who have died in our country from Covid – 19.

Asthma , obesity and diabetes are other diseases Chronicles that people infected with coronavirus have presented, he mentioned.

The percentage of infected people corresponds to 87% to men and the 13% to women.

Regarding the recent deaths, one in Jalisco and the other in Mexico City, he indicated that all have presented comorbidities such as asthma, obesity, diabetes and immunosuppression. The average age of deaths ranges from 41 to 77 years.

For his part, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell , reiterated that all persons belonging to the risk group must stay at home . He also stressed that only sick people and health personnel should wear face masks.

At the press conference, Víctor Hugo Borja Aburto, director of Medical Benefits of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), also exhorted Mexicans to stay at home by warning that the country is more vulnerable.

“Mexico is more vulnerable due to diseases and social inequalities,” said the IMSS official.

Borja pointed out that it is not necessary for people who go out to the street to use mouth covers , because these are only for patients and personnel who are in contact with suspicious or infected people.

“It is not necessary (the mask). Do not go out if you are sick, the main protective measures against the coronavirus are social containment, hand hygiene and healthy distance, “he explained.

Recognized that the IMSS had failures at the beginning of the epidemic in the training of personnel and the delivery of inputs, which caused concern and led the workers of the institution to demonstrate in at least 12 states to demand better measures to face the COVID – 19.

He noted that the IMSS will improve the purchase of supplies and the training of staff, whom he asked to make rational use of the equipment, which is planned to be used only by personnel who come into direct contact with patients or suspected cases of COVID – 19.

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