DMM GAMES will hold “Valentine Gacha Sweet” at “Hero * Senki WW”! Valentine hero “Marco Polo” appears

DMM GAMES, February 12, “ Hero Senki WW '' Started “Valentine Gacha Sweet”.

▼ Limited time only! “ Valentine Gacha Sweet ''

Il Chocolat “Marco Polo” appears.

〇 Period

February 12 Date after maintenance-February 18Day 14: 00 Until

▼ Ruby Red Valentine Support Login Bonus

〇 Period

February 12 Date after maintenance-February 25Day 14: 00 Until

▼ [ 予告 ] Ruby Red Valentine Login Bonus

〇 Period

February 14 Day 4: 00-February 15 Day 4: 00 Until

▼ [ 予告 ] Event “Ruby Red Valentine”

〇 Period

February 14 Date 16: 00-February 25 Sun 14: 00 Until

〇 Synopsis

Columbus, who plans to expand the chocolate sales channel in collaboration with Ryoma, resonates with the campaign, “If you give chocolate to someone you like, your thoughts will deepen,” and the number of orders that cannot be dealt with will increase. Zipangu's army was asked by Columbus to secure the ingredients, and headed for the southern New Continent in search of ruby ​​cacao, a chocolate ingredient. Can the protagonists get Ruby Cacao safely?

▼ Game introduction manga released on official Twitter

A manga drawn by popular manga artist Juami has been released. This time we talk about Marco Polo.

Official site

Official Twitter

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