Disney’s foster child, Dragonchain is on a song…price and volume surges

Media giant Disney has always been way ahead of its peers. So in 2015, when the corporate world was looking skeptically at the blockchain, Disney was setting up a big team to spearhead development of what one can call as ‘Disney’s private blockchain platform’ to enhance the Disney magic through blockchain.

That project is now being taken over by a foundation and is growing steadily.  Dragochain team is led by Joe Roets, a system and software architect involved with various projects. Dragonchain attempts to build a platform where people can build their applications, sort of like Ethereum platform, but more enhanced with complete ecosystem at your disposal.

Dragonchain, DRGN, is now trading at EtherDelta and is showing signs of breaking out. The price is up by more than 60% in last 24 hours with volumes up by 500% !



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