Crypto Games, 2nd collaboration with innocent card game “ Magical Girl The Duel '' in blockchain game “ Crypto Spells ''

Crypto Games has announced that it will launch a second collaboration campaign with the innocent card game “Mahou Shoujo The Duel” (Maho El) in the blockchain game “Crypto Spells” (Crypsep).

1.World's first follower 20 Illustrations of more than 10,000 popular painters “ Sou So '' appeared as NFT cards

Followers 20 ] 'S illustration appears as NFT (Non-Fungible Token). It is the world's first (according to the company) that the illustrations of popular illustrators are converted to NFT and published on the blockchain. As with analog card games, NFT allows users to take possession of issued cards and trade freely.


February 18 Date-March 2

It is sold only in the corresponding period on the in-game shop page.


Orre / Shrine (Maximum issuance: 999)

Moderate Zadogiel (Maximum number of issued: 999)

Afternoon Lamy (maximum issuance: 999)

Shopper (maximum number of cards issued: 999)

Casco Flave (Maximum issuance: 999)

2. Valentine Collaboration Campaign! 3 Limited Promotion Cards Appear as Rank Battle Rewards

Three Valentine-only promotional cards will appear as rewards for Chrispe's February ranked match.


February Ranked Match Gold: February 14 -16Day

February Ranked Match Legend: February 21 Sun-23Day


・ Hal Michele (illustrator: fzwrAym)

・ Flambell (illustrator: Shiro Yayoi)

・ Lilia Chocolat (illustrator: Mayo)