COVID-19: The United States is not doing well, repeats Dr Fauci

(Washington) Anthony Fauci, the United States' top infectious disease expert, reiterated that the United States, despite President Donald's denial Trump, saw the COVID pandemic – 18 getting worse, for lack of a coherent strategy against the virus.

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Parts of the country, like New York, “have taken control,” Anthony Fauci told FiveThirtyEight on Thursday.

“But as a country, when we compare ourselves to other countries, I don't think we can say that we were doing well . This is simply not the case, “he warned.

The immunologist has sounded the alarm for days in interviews in the face of the explosion in the number of new cases in the south and west of the States -United. The country again broke a record on Thursday with 65 000 0 cases detected in 20 hours – on the order of twice as much as the peaks of spring, when the epicenter was in New York.

Wednesday, Doctor Fauci had estimated that certain States had gone “too fast” in the deconfinement, and that a new containment could prove necessary, in a podcast of the Wall Street Journal .

And Thursday, in an online conference, he regretted that some southern states did not follow the instructions for gradual reopening and “skipped the steps “.

Last week, he warned, after reassuring words from Vice President Mike Pence, that the United States was heading straight for the 99 000 0 new cases per day (that day, the daily balance was approximately 40 000 0 cases).


Vice President Mike Pence and D r Anthony Fauci, during an organized press conference in Washington, 26 June

His warnings are increasingly tainted with politicization of the epidemic. “We have to hypothesize that without the divisions that we have, we would have a more coordinated approach,” he told FiveThirtyEight.

To put it mildly: confinement – like deconfinement – was done in dispersed order, state by state, with those ruled by republicans generally quicker to lift restrictions. At the federal level, the White House had issued guidelines for a gradual reopening of the economy, with criteria for reducing the number of cases and increasing screening capacity.

But very few states respected these criteria, Donald Trump himself urged to accelerate the deconfinement, and Doctor Fauci today clearly attributes the current outbreak to a precipitous deconfinement and the carelessness with which the South Americans resumed their activities without respecting the barrier gestures.

Donald Trump plays down daily records: “For the hundredth time, the reason why we have so many cases, compared to other countries that do not do better than us by far, is that we test a lot more and better, “he tweeted. Which is not true, as the rate of increase in contagion is much higher than the rate of increase in tests, according to official data.