COVID-19: the city where men and women have their racing days


(Canonica d'Adda) Each in turn: the mayor of a small town in Lombardy, Canonica d'Adda, has decided that men and women will each have their racing days, in order to limit the crowds in shops and to fight the pandemic.

France Media Agency

“On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you can go to the baker's,” said a policewoman from Canonica d'Adda, near Bergamo, considered in Italy as the martyr city of the pandemic. “On the other hand, your husband can go there the other days,” she continues.

The municipality has provided fines of up to 400 euros (612 $) for offenders.

According to Gianmaria Cerea, the mayor of this commune of 4400 inhabitants, COVID – 19 killed about 20 of his constituents in March, even if he is not the most affected in this “red zone” of the pandemic.

This “order” specifying which days men and women can go shopping, “was made to protect public health. I must guarantee public health, even if it should draw criticism, “said the elected official.

Restated from 62 years, Cinzia Invernizzi does not dispute the merits of this order but does not understand “not why men have one more day while 80% of food shopping is done by women and not by men ”.

According to Gianmaria Cerea, on Sunday, only a small supermarket and the village pharmacy are open, which is excluded from the scope of the prescription. “We had to decide and we chose the men to fill up” that day, said Gianmaria Cerea.

Lombardy is the Italian epicenter of the pandemic, with almost 9500 dead, more than half of all deaths on the peninsula.

Bergamo and its region are particularly badly hit.

Lombard officials have repeatedly called for the continuation of the containment measures imposed on 60 million Italians for a month now.

They warned against any slackening of behavior at the time when the pandemic seems to have started its decline.

Lombardy is the first Italian region to have forced people who leave their homes to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or, failing that, with a scarf or scarf.