COVID-19: pressure drops on hospitals, hope is reborn in Italy

(Rome) This is the most concrete hope of a further containment of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy: the number of patients hospitalized in intensive care decreased for the first time on Saturday.

Stanislas TOUCHOT and Nicolas GAUDICHET

France Media Agency

This figure is passed under the bar of 4000 (3994 against 4068 the day before). It had never dropped since the end of February and the explosion of the pandemic on the peninsula, which remains the most mourning country in the world, according to official figures (more than

00 0 dead).

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This unprecedented decline “is important news because it allows our hospitals to breathe. This is the first time that this figure has been falling since we have been handling this emergency, “said civil protection boss Angelo Borrelli.

This drop is notably observed in Lombardy (north), the Milan region, the most affected, where hospitals of excellent quality are overwhelmed: they are now there 1326 to fight in intensive care is fifty less than the day before.

According to the daily report, 681 people lost their lives in 24 hours in Italy, an impressive figure, but also decreasing, by more than 10% compared to Friday (766) .

Vigilance of bet

In certain sectors, the sometimes impressive excess mortality compared to previous years shows that these results of the authorities only depict part of the drama.

But this official figure for deaths is “constantly decreasing, I would like to remind you that (27 March), we had reached a maximum with nearly 1000 dead, “noted Angelo Borrelli.

“It is a strong message, but it should definitely not be read as a sign that we have overcome the critical sentence. It shows that what has been implemented has been useful, “said the head of the Health Security Council, Franco Locatelli.

He was also delighted that the pandemic had not exploded in the south, where the health infrastructures are notoriously deficient: “There was no guarantee of achieving this result. “

The signs of slowdown seen in Italy over the past week have been accompanied by repeated calls from officials not to “lower their guard.”

Masks, scarves and scarves

“Bad behavior or thinking that the battle has already been won risks spoiling all the sacrifices made so far,” Health Minister Roberto Speranza warned on the Rai. “The researchers are doing their best, but there is no vaccine available and there is no definite therapy. And it won't happen quickly, “he said.

Lombardy has also decided that from Sunday, those who go out must cover their respiratory tract, with masks, or failing that, scarves or scarves. Supermarkets will also be required to provide gloves and hydroalcoholic gel to their customers.

The government has warned the 60 million Italians, who are finishing their fourth week of confinement, that the measures restricting their freedoms would not be lifted quickly and would only be eased gradually, in phases. Friday, Angelo Borrelli estimated that they would still be in force on May 1 and May next.

The government must announce Sunday or Monday new measures to come to the rescue of the third European economy, struck to the heart.

Vincenzo Boccia, leader of the Italian employers (Confindustria) judged that the imperatives of budgetary austerity which still prevailed a month ago, now belonged to History: “This time, the increase in debt is an essential measure, “he said. In his view, “war economy” reflexes must be adopted. If the “phenomena (are) different, the consequences (are) identical,” he said.

Like Spain, another hard hit European country, Italy calls for a mutualisation of the debt between members of the EU, which the countries of the North, behind Germany and the Netherlands reject.