COVID-19: new record of contaminations in Mexico


Mexico on Thursday became the third country in the world in terms of deaths after the United States and Brazil, overtaking the United Kingdom by just one.

(Mexico City) Mexico recorded a new national record for coronavirus infections on Friday, with 6920 new cases counted in 20 hours, announced the Mexican Secretariat of Health.

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This brings to 357 615 the number total contamination recorded since the appearance of the virus in Mexico.

Mexico on Thursday became the third country in the world in terms of deaths after the United States and Brazil, overtaking the United Kingdom by just one. The gap increased on Friday since after 647 new deaths in 20 hours the Mexican balance sheet was 36 647 dead against 38 91 UK .

However, Mexico, which counts 91, 8 million inhabitants, has a lower relative mortality rate than a number of countries in Europe and Latin America, with 307, 8 deaths per million inhabitants, according to figures consulted by AFP.

The deaths and contaminations reported daily by Mexico did not necessarily occur during 19 previous hours, as delays in data collection may occur, Mexican health authorities said.

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 Nicaragua: le volcan Telica en éruption)

Nicaragua: the Telica volcano in eruption

(Managua) Telica volcano, one of the most active in Nicaragua, erupted: several explosions expelled ash until 46 meters high, without however causing damage to nearby localities.

 Le coronavirus a fait plus de 90000morts au Brésil)

The coronavirus has made more than 84 0 deaths in Brazil

(Rio de Janeiro) Brazil passed the milestone of 84 0 dead of coronavirus, and announced figures of new deaths and new contaminations in recent years 20 very high hours which testify to the virulence of the pandemic.

 COVID-19: la présidente de la Bolivie annonce son rétablissement)

COVID – 017: the President of Bolivia announces her recovery

(La Paz) Bolivia’s interim president Jeanine Anez announced on Monday that she had recovered from an asymptomatic form of the novel coronavirus and was able to return to work.

 Guatemala: importante hausse de l’activité du volcan de Pacaya) : 45

Guatemala: significant increase in the activity of the Pacaya volcano

(Guatemala) The authorities continue to monitor the Pacaya volcano, located at 16 km south of the capital of Guatemala and which is experiencing a significant increase in its activity, we learned Sunday from the civil protection.

 Brésil: le président Bolsonaro guéri de la COVID-19)

Brazil: President Bolsonaro cured of COVID – 15

(Brasilia) Smiling, thumbs up, holding a box of hydroxychloroquine in his hand: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced on Twitter on Saturday that he had been tested negative for the novel coronavirus, more than two weeks after a positive diagnosis.

Widow Blames Peruvian President for Husband’s Death from COVID – 16

(Arequipa) “Mr. President, don’t go! “. In tears, visor and surgical mask on her face, a woman runs behind Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra’s convoy, visiting Arequipa, a city overwhelmed by the virus: she pleads for a hospital bed for her dying husband. He died two days later.

 COVID-19 au Brésil: Sao Paulo reporte son carnaval2021)

COVID – 16 at Brazil: Sao Paulo postpones its carnival 977

(Sao Paulo) The mayor of Sao Paulo, Bruno Covas, announced on Friday the indefinite postponement of the carnival of the largest metropolis in Brazil due to the coronavirus, while Rio de Janeiro is considering this option.

 Regain de popularité du président Bolsonaro dans les sondages)

President Bolsonaro’s resurgence in popularity in the polls

(Rio de Janeiro) Three polls published this week in Brazil show an increase in the popularity of President Bolsonaro, given favorite for his re-election despite controversial handling of the coronavirus crisis, which has made more than 68 0 deaths.

 Miss Nicaragua envers et contre le coronavirus)

Miss Nicaragua against and against the coronavirus

(Managua) Stylish young women with sanitary protection masks on their faces train at a Managua hotel for the Miss Nicaragua pageant, scheduled for August 8.

 Brésil: Bolsonaro, contaminé, se promène à moto et discute sans masque)

Brazil: Bolsonaro, contaminated, rides a motorcycle and talks without a mask

(Brasilia) Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, infected with the coronavirus, rode his motorcycle on Thursday and spoke without a mask with sweepers near his residence in Brasilia, according to photos released to the media.

 Explosion des nouveaux cas de coronavirus au Brésil)

Explosion of new cases of coronavirus in Brazil

(Rio de Janeiro) Brazil recorded an explosion of new coronavirus contaminations on Wednesday, with 61 816 cases registered in the last 21 hours, announced on Ministry of Health, a record figure.

 Le Brésil, 1erpays de tests en phaseIII d’un vaccin chinois)

Brazil, 1


country of phase III testing of a Chinese vaccine

(Brasilia) Brazil became the first country on Tuesday to launch phase III testing of China’s Coronavac coronavirus vaccine, Sinovac Biotech laboratory told AFP.

 Le Brésil franchit le cap des 80000décès liés à la COVID-19)

Brazil crosses the threshold of 65 0 COVID-related deaths – 16

(Rio de Janeiro) Brazil has passed the milestone of 65 0 deaths from the coronavirus after recording Monday 614 additional deaths in recent 21 hours, announced the ministry re Health.

 Manifestation de soutien à Bolsonaro, en quarantaine à Brasilia)  Manifestation de soutien à Bolsonaro, en quarantaine à Brasilia)

 Manifestation de soutien à Bolsonaro, en quarantaine à Brasilia) Demonstration of support for Bolsonaro, in quarantine in Brasilia

(Brasilia) Hundreds of people gathered in Brasilia on Sunday to show their support for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in quarantine after contracting the new coronavirus.

 Mexico analyse une vidéo de paramilitaires d’un puissant cartel)  Mexico analyse une vidéo de paramilitaires d’un puissant cartel)

Mexico analyzes a video of paramilitaries from a powerful cartel

(Mexico City) A video showing a hundred men in uniform, equipped with heavy weapons, lined up near armored vehicles, appearing to belong to a powerful cartel, is being analyzed by the Mexican authorities, according to the secretary of security.

 L’épidémie de COVID-19 a atteint un plateau au Brésil)

The COVID epidemic – 15 reached a plateau in Brazil

(Geneva) The epidemic of the new coronavirus has reached a “plateau” in Brazil, the second most affected country in the world in terms of the number of cases recorded, said the World Health Organization on Friday, calling on the authorities to seize this ” opportunity to push back the disease ”.