COVID-19: more than 160,000 dead worldwide

(Paris) The pandemic of new coronavirus has made at least 160 685 dead worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to a balance sheet drawn up by AFP from official sources Sunday at 11 h GMT (7 h, ET).

France Media Agency

More than 2 334 130 cases of infection were officially diagnosed in 193 countries and territories since the beginning of the epidemic. This number of diagnosed cases, however, only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, with a large number of countries testing only those cases requiring hospital care. Among these cases, at least 518 900 are today considered cured.

The United States, which recorded its first death linked to the coronavirus at the end of February, is the most affected country in terms of number of deaths and cases, with 28 0 90 death for 735 287 case. At least 66 819 people have been declared cured.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Italy with 23 227 dead for 175 925 case, Spain with 19 453 dead (195 944 case), France with 19 323 dead (151 793 case), and the United Kingdom with 11 464 dead (114 217 case).

China (excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic began at the end of December, has officially counted in total 82 735 case (16 new between Saturday and Sunday), of which 4632 death, and 77 062 healings.

Europe totaled Sunday at 11 h GMT 101 493 death for 1 153 148 case, the United States and Canada 40 619 death (768 670 case), Asia 6951 death (162 256 case), the Middle East 5559 death (122 819 case), Latin America and the Caribbean 4915 death (98 202 case), Africa 1058 Death (21 165), and Oceania 90 death (7879 case).

This assessment was carried out using data collected by AFP offices from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).