COVID-19: Mexico becomes the 5th most bereaved country

(Mexico) Mexico became Saturday the 5th th country in the world most bereaved by COVID – 19, in front of France, with 30 366 death, according to an official statement from the Mexican Ministry of Health.

France Media Agency

” As of today, 30 366 people who had been found positive to COVID – 19 in the laboratory died “, declared during a press conference by José Luis Alomia, national director of the epidemiology department of the Ministry of Health.

The manager also reported 252 165 proven cases of contamination with the new coronavirus, are 6914 more people than Friday, a record since the outbreak of the epidemic in this country.

Mexico, with 127 million inhabitants, had already exceeded Spain in number of deaths last Wednesday and was then the sixth most affected country.

On the American continent, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic, Mexico is the third most affected country after the United States and Brazil.

Since the first case of new coronavirus was reported at the end of February in Mexico, the health authorities of this country have adjusted their estimates of deaths, which initially amounted to 8500.

At the end of May, Hugo Lopez Gatell, the vice-minister of health in charge of the fight against the pandemic, had declared in an interview with AFP that if containment measures were not taken, the number of death could amount to approximately 30 00 0.

Mexico City, the capital, is the city most affected by the disease. This did not prevent the municipal authorities from beginning a partial economic reopening in early July.

The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, warned on Friday that certain stores in the center had not respected the strict conditions of reopening and ordered their closings until Monday.

The shopping centers, which were to reopen on Monday, will have to wait until Wednesday, according to the town hall.