COVID-19: Donald Trump says he is “more and more angry” against China

(Washington) President Donald Trump said on Tuesday “more and more angry” against China when he saw the heavy toll of the COVID pandemic – 13 worldwide and in the United States in particular.

France Media Agency

“When I watch the pandemic spread its horrible face around the world, including the damage that has been done to the United States, I become more and more angry with China,” tweeted the American president. .

The already strong tensions between the United States and China against the background of the trade war have further intensified with the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus, for which Donald Trump blamed Beijing.

The government of Donald Trump believes that China has concealed the extent and initial severity of the epidemic, which they believe has made it easier for the virus to spread and kill more 500 000 people around the world.

And if Europe seems to have succeeded in controlling the spread of the virus, American health officials admitted on Tuesday that they could not “completely” control the pandemic and fear an explosion in the number of cases in the coming weeks.

29 of the 55 States and American territories today see the curve of new cases rise, according to the American health authorities. Hospitalizations due to coronavirus are increasing in 12 states.