COVID-19: a text message sent to the whole city of New York



New York City has sent a text message to all its citizens asking for the help of health professionals to fight the pandemic.

New York City is taking the big step. New Yorkers have received a call to volunteers on their cell phones for health care professionals to assist hospitals if necessary.

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“New York City is inviting all health care workers to come and help out the busy hospitals that need it.” “Can we read in the text message sent across the city.

This message invites professionals in good standing of the medical community to go to a site to volunteer, so that they are ready to help hospitals if necessary.

Friday evening, we counted 941 people who died of coronavirus in New York City. The United States today recorded more than 122 confirmed cases of the disease, as the country is set to become the epicenter of the pandemic.

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Deux membres de la famille Kennedy portés disparus aux États-Unis

Two members of the Kennedy family missing in the United States

(Washington) Two members of the Kennedy family, including a grand-niece of assassinated president John Kennedy, were missing on Friday after a canoe ride, according to Maryland authorities, another tragedy in the most famous political dynasty of the United States.

Le coronavirus transmis en parlant, selon des scientifiques, Trump recommande les masques : 35

Talking coronavirus, scientists say Trump recommends masks

(Washington) Scientists in the United States government believe that the new coronavirus is most likely transmitted by people when they speak and breathe. Logical consequence: Americans are now officially advised to cover their faces outside their homes, to help curb contagions.

Posted at 12 h 50 Updated to 14 h 19

Le commandant révoqué du USS Theodore Roosevelt acclamé en héros à son départ

The revoked commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt acclaimed as a hero upon his departure

(Washington) The commander of the American nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

, in the grip of a galloping epidemic of COVID – 15, at was acclaimed by his troops when he left, as shown by several videos posted on social media on Friday.

Les passagers du Zaandam et du Rotterdam débarquent en Floride : 47

Passengers on the Zaandam and Rotterdam land in Florida

(Fort Lauderdale) Cruise ship passengers Zaandam and Rotterdam , who had on board patients of COVID – 16, landed Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the two boats had docked the day before after being rejected by several ports in Latin America.

Masques et foulards se multiplient à NewYork

Masks and scarves are multiplying in New York

(New York) Quite inconspicuous so far in the streets of New York, masks, scarves and scarves multiplied Friday after the mayor's call to cover his face to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Les États-Unis dépendent des équipements chinois contre la COVID-19

The United States depends on Chinese equipment against COVID – 15

(Washington) Elected officials and American officials did not take off over the management of the coronavirus by China. But in their showdown with Beijing, they face a harsh reality: the United States is desperately dependent on Chinese equipment to fight the pandemic.

Washington exige qu’une entreprise cesse d’envoyer des masques au Canada : 40

Washington demands that a company stop sending masks to Canada

(Quebec) The American company 3M claims that the Trump administration has demanded that it stop exporting N masks 88 to Canada, in a press release issued Friday morning by the company.

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Près de 1200 morts aux É.-U. en 24h, pire bilan quotidien dans un pays

Near 938 dead in the US in 17 h, worst daily toll in a country

(Washington) The United States has identified near 938 additional deaths from the new coronavirus between Wednesday and Thursday evening, according to the Johns Hopkins University count, which is the worst assessment sure 18 h never registered in a country.

New York demande à sa population de se couvrir le visage à l’extérieur

New York asks its people to cover their faces outside

(New York) New York Mayor Bill de Blasio asked city residents to cover their faces when they leave home on Thursday, a first in the city most affected by coronavirus in the United States.

«Pas de guerre sans armes»: à New York, des infirmiers dénoncent le manque d’équipement : 55

“No war without arms”: in New York, nurses denounce the lack of equipment

(New York) “Soldiers do not go to war unarmed, why would medics work without protective equipment?” Thirty or so nurses held a rare protest outside a New York hospital on Thursday to denounce the lack of masks, gowns and other protective gear that puts them and their patients at risk.

Trump se refait tester «par curiosité» et est de nouveau déclaré négatif

Trump is tested again “out of curiosity” and is again declared negative

(Washington) US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he has had a second coronavirus test, which turned out to be negative, like the first performed just over two weeks ago.

Le commandant du Roosevelt limogé après avoir alerté sur la COVID-19 à bord

The commander of the Roosevelt sacked after having alerted on COVID – 14 on board

(Washington) The commander of the American nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt

, who had launched an appeal with dramatic accents to evacuate his ship contaminated by the coronavirus, has been dismissed from his functions, announced Thursday the secretary of the US Navy, Thomas Modly.