Coronavirus quarantine memes are unleashed on social networks


Many people in many countries are quarantined due to the coronavirus; this has caused an unprecedented production of memes

Televisa Newscasts SOURCE: newscasts televisa FROM: CDMX, México

The confinement, quarantine or isolation by the coronavirus is causing several to lose their good judgment, they realize this in their social networks and unleash the memes .

In many parts of the world memes are not far behind, especially those that show how difficult it is to quarantine at home.

For the family coexistence, the absence of interaction with other living beings or difficulties in teleworking or developing new talents .

There are memes that, with humor, reproach those who are still hoarding resources such as antibacterial gel or other essential items or who they continue to go out into the streets without following the indications of social isolation.

The institutions are beginning to use humor to send the message of prevention .

Like that of the Tik Tok of the IMSS to highlight the healthy distance or the video where the Quintana roo police ask to be taken The serious COVID, to the sound of the Crazy Mariachi.

With information from En Punto.