Coronavirus, opportunity for economic growth for Mexico: UNAM specialist

Coronavirus has the potential to harm the global economy

Televisa News SOURCE: notimex FROM: CDMX, Mexico

Coronavirus, economic growth opportunity for Mexico: UNAM (Getty Images)

The epidemic of the new Covid coronavirus – 19 is an excellent opportunity to grow the economy of Mexico, said the specialist of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , Alicia Girón González.

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At a press conference he explained that although this new virus has the potential to damage the global economy because China , the country of origin of the outbreak, is an important part of exports and imports of inputs worldwide.

Ideally, he said, it would be that there is a need for many inputs from China , be produced here. I think it would be a great opportunity, even just taking the auto industry, so that instead of importing these products (…) they can be remedied in Mexico, he said.

For the above, explained the coordinator of the university program on Asia and Africa , it would be necessary that the investment Mexican government public try to encourage private.

In addition to the creation of own inputs, the specialist said that the health sector could also have a growth if, he reiterated, a public investment will be made, which “would greatly benefit a better well-being for all families.

“Let's follow China's example of building a hospital with 10 One thousand beds in two weeks when the coronavirus arrived) , (…) (Here) a hospital that burned three years ago in the delegation Cuajimalpa remains the same, he commented.

“It is good to insist, it is not about authority or cutting social programs or reducing wages, the only way to trigger the economy and to be able to face at some point an epidemic like this (it is public investment)” .

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