China announces that 1716 medical personnel have been infected with the Corona virus and 6 of them have died

Hong Kong (CNN) – The Chinese government announced, on Friday, that a medical staff member who has dealt directly with cases of people with the now-known coronavirus has been infected 1716. In the name of “Wuhan Corona” is the region in which it started.

This came in the words of the Vice Minister of the National Health Committee in China, where he made it clear in a press conference on Friday that, as of the date of 11 of this February, 6 medical personnel died. Who were diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

The Chinese official pointed out that 5% of the medical personnel diagnosed with the virus were in Hubei Province (i.e. people out of 1716).

The Chinese authorities stressed the application of new procedures that would provide greater protection for medical staff, including providing greater rest periods and providing them with adequate medical equipment to treat the injured.