Central Park: the woman who invented her assault by a black man accused

(New York) The woman who asked the police to arrest a black man in Central Park for no reason in late May was charged on Monday by the Manhattan Attorney's Office for whistle-blowing.

France Media Agency

During the incident, Christian Cooper, who came to observe the birds in the park, had asked Amy Cooper (no family relation) to put his dog on a leash, which is mandatory in this part of Central Park.

Irritated, she then called the police, claiming to have been “threatened” by an “African-American man”.

Police officers arrived at the scene some time later, only found Amy Cooper on the scene and left.

The video of the incident, published the next day by Christian Cooper's sister, had gone around the world. She has been seen over 44 million times.

She had earned Amy Cooper from being pilloried on social networks and dismissed from her position as vice-president of the management company Franklin Templeton .

His behavior was symbolic, for many, of a racism rooted in American society.

On the day the video was put online, George Floyd's arrest was filmed in Minneapolis, then broadcast too, triggering a protest movement campaign against racism and police brutality against African-Americans.

Amy Cooper was summoned to appear and is scheduled to appear on 14 October in Manhattan court to be formally served with charges denunciation of an imaginary crime.

If convicted, she is punishable by up to one year in prison.

In a press statement, Manhattan prosecutor Cy Vance Jr. called “anyone who has been the subject of an imaginary information to contact »its services.