By Covid-19, Jalisco government requests suspension of flights from places with a sanitary fence

The Governor of Jalisco requests the suspension of flights from places with sanitary fences to prevent the spread of Covid – 19

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Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro, following the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the spread of Covid – 19, announced new prevention and early detection measures, including the suspension of certain flights from places with sanitary fences and the application of rapid tests.

Alfaro, in order to combat the pandemic, asked the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) to suspend flights from places where a sanitary fence has been decreed, except for flights made for humanitarian reasons or cargo flights.

“Today I am sending that statement asking that both in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta no longer receive flights, as clear and as forceful. I am doing what I have to do, we are also sending a letter to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, respectful, but firm, stating the need for the Government of Mexico to take this agenda seriously. ”

Another of the measures that the state will take is obtaining 5,000 PCR tests to apply to the population. The goal is to have 20 a thousand tests.

“We are going to enter a massive test application program in order to detect cases of contagion in time and to act accordingly. The Government of Jalisco is not thinking of competing in the statistics because when we start with this, the number of infections is obviously going to increase, which is what it seems that some authorities want to avoid. What we want is that deaths are avoided here, we want contagions to be avoided here. I am not competing for statistics, I am trying to act responsibly, “he added.

Although, the results of the test to detect Covid – 19 is not 100% reliable, it is a way to detect where there are communities at possible risk of contagion.

The Governor of Jalisco reported that so far there are 45 confirmed cases in the entity. 41 with symptoms and 4 asymptomatic. All are within the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, except one, which is located in the municipality of Cuautla. He also reported the death of the first patient.

“We are not going to stand with our arms crossed, we cannot continue letting, in the absence of general decisions, that the regions of Mexico are at the expense of the circumstances we are experiencing in the country. We are going to make decisions, Jalisco is making them. Other states have already embarked on this route. I am confident that this regional bloc can also make decisions this week. ”

For his part, the General Director of the Civil Hospital, Jaime Andrade Villanueva applauds the application of the COVID screening tests – 19 Well, he says, they are a timely measure by the Government of Jalisco for the detection and early attention of probable detected cases.

Andrade Villanueva also highlighted the Jalisco COVID Plan – 19 undertaken by the Government of Jalisco, which includes measures in favor of the population in educational, health and economic matters, as well as the measure of social isolation adopted based on the predictive model of the University of Guadalajara, since without the permanence of people in their homes, the asymptomatic cases that could be on the street, would trigger a wave of contagions.

As a general recommendation, the Secretary of Health in Jalisco, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, urged the general population not to self-medicate, and in case of having symptoms compatible with COVID – 19, contact the telephone number 33 3823 3220, where you can provide medical attention and advice on what to do, as appropriate.

“It is important not to self-medicate, it is also important to say that the research protocols for the management of patients in whom a diagnosis of COVID pneumonia is diagnosed are hardly being run – 19. It is very important to say that it is not worthwhile for people to run to buy prevention medications, because there is no medication that prevents someone from getting infected with COVID – 19. There is no vaccine at the moment, there is no hydroxychloroquine, which is the medicine that everyone is looking for, or chloroquine, it is a medicine that should not be used for prevention. ”, Explained the secretary.

The secretary added that in the case of hydroxychloroquine, it is used in people who already have the virus, but not for prevention, and that it can only be managed under medical prescription and with the supervision of a specialist in hospitals.

Enrique Alfaro recognized the cooperation of the citizenry, which has responded positively to the call for voluntary isolation for five days due to the health contingency.