Bushiroad and Craft Egg, “Galpa” will be holding a “1 per person ★ 4 confirmed gacha for each day of the popular anime” BanG Dream! 3rd Season “thank you!”

Bushiroad <7803> and Craft Egg will be released in February 14 From the day 15, the anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” has been well received It is announced that one person ★ 4 confirmation gacha for each thanks appearance day will be held.

This gacha is a paid star x 2500 for each of “Vol.1” and “Vol.2” and can be drawn only once during the period , ★ It becomes a gacha that 4 members appear with one confirmation. In “Vol.1”, members who appeared before the first anniversary of “Galpa”, and in “Vol.2”, members who appeared after the first anniversary always appear.

■ Period

February 14 Date 15 hour-March 2 14 hour 59 minutes

■ “Anime” BanG Dream! 3rd Season ” (1 person per popular appreciation appearance day ★ 4 confirmed gacha Vol.1) contents

・ 10 times gacha (★ 4 members confirmed one)

※ 2018 March

■ “Anime“ BanG Dream! 3rd Season ”Popular Thank You Appearance Day 1 (People ★ 4 Confirmation Gacha Vol.2) Contents

・ 10 times gacha (★ 4 members confirmed one)

※ 2018 March 16 Only members who appeared after the date appear

“Anime” BanG Dream! 3rd Season “Popular Appreciation Appearance One by Date ★ 4 Confirmation Gacha” is available only for paid stars.

For details of members on the gacha page, after special training (★ 3 or more members), the status of level MAX and skill Lv.5 will be displayed.

The limited-time members appearing in “The shine of friendship is a chocolate color gacha” will not appear.

Limited time members and collaboration limited members who appeared in past gachas will not appear.

Appearing members are different from the currently held gacha. The details of the gacha such as the provision ratio can be confirmed on the gacha page of each gacha.

Schedule may change without notice.

This gacha is a limited gacha, so it will not be displayed on the gacha screen after the number of gachas is reduced.

■ “Bundle! Girls band party! “

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