British royal family joins applause for Health workers fighting coronavirus


While Prince Charles recovers in Scotland from COVID – 19

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British royal family joins the applause for Health workers who fight coronavirus. PHOTO Royal Central

From Queen Elizabeth II to the little princes George, Carlota and Luis, the royal family of the United Kingdom Added to the applause that the British dedicated to health and public service personnel for their work to tackle the new coronavirus last night.

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In an Instagram message on the occasion of the popular initiative “Applaud the caregivers”, the sovereign of 93 years declared that the country is “enormously grateful” to medical professionals, scientists and emergency services.

The Dukes of Cambridge, Guillermo and Catalina, posted an endearing video of their three children, 6, 4 and 1 years old, applauding eagerly on camera, while the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, who is recovering in Scotland from COVID – 19 , joined the tribute with his wife Camilla.

British royal family joins in applause for Health workers fighting coronavirus . PHOTO Royal Central

Also the British Prime Minister, the conservative Boris Johnson, and the Minister of Economy, Rishi Sunak, left at 20. 00 GMT Thursday at the doors of their residences in the numbers 10 Y 11 of Downing Street (London) to recognize the effort of the National Health Service (NHS).

Other political leaders, such as the Labor Party member Jeremy Corbyn, hung recordings in which their neighbors were seen applauding from portals, balconies and windows, in an initiative that resonated throughout British territory, with citizens of all ages applauding in Manchester, Cardiff or Birmingham.

So far, there have been 578 deaths from COVID- 19 at United Kingdom , where there is 11 one thousand 658 confirmed cases, although it is believed that there could be many more that have not been diagnosed.

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