Boris Johnson hospitalized for additional exams


(London) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who tested positive for the new coronavirus ten days ago, was hospitalized on Sunday for further tests, his services said, adding that it was a “precautionary measure”.

France Media Agency

“On the advice of his doctor, the Prime Minister was admitted to the hospital for exams this evening,” Downing Street said in a statement.

“This is a precautionary measure because the Prime Minister continues to show persistent symptoms of the coronavirus, ten days after having tested positive,” added the press release.

Boris Johnson, 55 years, announced Friday that he was extending the quarantine he observed since his screening beyond the seven days recommended by the British health authorities, because he continued to have fever, one of the main symptoms of the disease.

“If I feel better […] I still have one of the symptoms”, “I always have temperature”, “I must continue my quarantine”, he said in a short video on Twitter, where he appeared a little haggard.

The head of government said he continued to work from his apartments on Downing Street.

Boris Johnson is the most prominent world leader to have been infected with the virus. His partner, Carrie Symonds, who is pregnant, said that she too suffered from symptoms of the disease for a week, but is on the mend.

Asked earlier on Sunday about Mr. Johnson's health on Sky News, Health Minister Matt Hancock said that the Prime Minister “was fine” and that he “was firmly in charge ” from the country.


Minister of Health Matt Hancock

“Some people have fairly mild symptoms (from COVID – 19 ), others very, very serious. The Prime Minister is not there yet, “he said.

“I work with him every day and I can testify that his morale is good,” he added. “But he wants to be very careful and follow public health advice to the letter”, in particular to “lead by example”.

Matt Hancock resumed his activities on Friday after isolating himself at home for a week following an equally positive test at COVID – 19.

One of the Prime Minister's main advisers, Dominic Cummings, has also chosen to quarantine.

The pandemic has already killed nearly 5000 people in the country. The British have been under complete confinement for two weeks and the government threatened on Sunday to tighten it if its instructions were not followed.

The public is only allowed to go out for shopping, medical treatment or exercise once a day.