Bitcoin price (BTC): the main forecasts for February

Les prévisions du cours de BTC pour février 2020



Epic monthly candle. Engulfing the two previous candles and breaking two key levels of resistance. The previous hammer is followed by this green candle as well. From this perspective, a bullish trend is confirmed.

— The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) February 1, 2020

The BTC ended January 2020 with a gain of more than 30%, this is its best month of January since 2012.

A cacophony of forecasts for this February month r 2020

Many crypto sites have shared their BTC price forecasts for this month of February 2020 .

Longforecast believes in a higher one at 11 880 USD and at a low around 8 933 USD, during this month of February. The site Tradingbeast forecasts a peak at 10 434 USD and a lower at 7 095 USD.

Digitalcoinprice is much more optimistic, he believes that the Bitcoin price could reach 22 456 USD, an increase of 140% compared to its current price.

Coinpricepredictor expects BTC to experience a decrease of 22, 6% in February, unlike Cryptorating which estimates that the BTC will experience an increase of 60% and that it will close this month at 14 955 USD .

Cryptoground forecasts a very slight increase of 6% with a BTC closing this month in February 2020 at 9 958 USD.

Verdict: Financial forecasting has never been an exact science, it should rather be seen as bets that are passed after analyzing a number of indicators. Some forecasters see red, while others predict all lights are green. The reality is that the price of Bitcoin can vary significantly day by day during this month of February. Only a daily analysis of the prices allows for the moment to make sufficiently solid forecasts, on 1 or 2 days.