Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal confronted Priyank Sharma in BB House.



Divya Aggarwal entered Big Boss House.

Divyank has won hearts and fans all over the world. If you still don’t know about Divyank, well this is the name that the former Splitsvilla contestants Divya Aggarwal and Priyank Sharma who are fondly called as Divyank by their fans. Priyank is currently in the Big Boss House and unfortunately, Divya Aggarwal has broken up with him because of his proximity with other girls especially Benafsha Soonawala in the show.

Benafsha called Priyank her brother.

But the good news for Divyank fans is that Priyank Sharma‘s girlfriend Divya Aggarwal is going to visit him in the Big Boss 11 house for the Christmas special episode where every housemate will have a family member visiting them. Divya Aggarwal actually went inside the show and as far as the promos are concerned, we can safely assume that this meeting between the former couple is going to be very emotional. We all know that Divya and Priyank have met and also became a couple in the 10th season of Splitsvilla which is one of the most popular shows of the youth but their relationship went through a really rough patch when Priyank participated in Bigg Boss 11 and was seen increasing proximity with former contestant Benafsha Soonawala who actually came out and called Priyank her brother.

Priyank has actually done a lot to hurt Divya ever since he has been inside the Big Boss House, be it getting too close to Benafsha Soonawala, fondly called as Ben to discussing his ex-girlfriend whom he fondly called ‘jaan’ with other contestants, Priyank has constantly hurt Divya, and Divya has now taken the decision to break-up with him. In an interview, she has said that the best way to inform Priyank about her decision would be on TV because that’s how their relationship started .

She has said, “I am emotional and angry. I want to say so many things but it will have to be short and sweet; and yet powerful for him to understand. This was the best platform to end the bond that started on TV and unfortunately had to end here only. I was actually fighting for him outside until I realized that he doesn’t need me anymore.”

Well, this is actually sad if we will see them breaking up on National Television. Let’s hope that they don’t break up and fans get to see the old Divyank back together happy and sorted. Let’s watch Big Boss11 episode tonight.



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