Big Twist In Bigg Boss 12 Nominations. It’s Going To Be Controversial

Bigg Boss’ 12th season is more entertaining as compared to previous seasons and the controversies we have witnessed so far are the proof. Now, it’s the time of first nominations of the season and the audience is in for a lot of entertainment.

This time the season is coming with a big twist in the nomination process and it’s likely to create a desolation in the Bigg Boss house. In the recently released promo of the BB12, Bigg Boss announces the rules of the nominations task.

Bigg Boss tells that this time the jodis are going to nominate single participants and vice versa. On the same note, Bigg Boss tells that because the Jodi of captains is neutral, they can be nominated by both sides.

 Watch the video and note the disturbance it has created in the house already. Watch the video below:


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