Biden and Trump were called to talk about the coronavirus

(Washington) Donald Trump and his likely Democratic presidential opponent Joe Biden called by phone on Monday to talk about the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting the United States hard, according to a source close to the organization. of this call.

France Media Agency

“They spoke to each other this afternoon about COVID – 19”, this source told AFP, without specify who was at the origin of the appeal nor the content of their exchange.

The two septuagenarians evoked this conversation since last week. An attractive idea amid calls for rallies in the face of the health crisis.

The idea was launched by the former vice-president of Barack Obama, an ultra-favorite for the Democratic nomination. Donald Trump had publicly accepted the principle. But Donald Trump and Joe Biden had been slow to act, preferring to get spades.

Bouncing on the hypothesis, advanced by the one he nicknamed “Sleepy Joe” (“Joe asleep”), of a Democratic convention in August without public because of the coronavirus, Donald Trump had ironized Monday morning .

“Now he wants a” virtual “convention where he doesn't need to be present. I wonder why ? He said before wondering why Biden still hadn't tried to reach him.

“Mr. President, I hope that (the convention) can take place in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), but it will depend on your ability to rise to the occasion and do what is necessary in the face of this pandemic” , replied candidate Biden.

Referring to his website where he presents the measures he would take if he was president, he added: “Ready to speak when you want”.

Since coming to power early 2017, Donald Trump has never shown the slightest appetite for meetings with personalities having held positions of responsibility in Washington.

Asked two weeks ago about the possibility of asking his predecessors in the White House to benefit from their experience in times of crisis, he replied: “I do not think I would learn a lot”

The coronavirus caused more than 10 500 United States for more than 350 00 0 cases officially declared.

The world's leading power is the third most bereaved country after Italy and Spain.