Belarus: Opponent Tikhanovskaya calls for “peaceful” demonstrations across the country

(Minsk) The opposition presidential candidate in Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, on Friday called for “peaceful mass” demonstrations across the country over the weekend to denounce the violent repression of the post-election challenge.

France Media Agency

“I ask all the mayors to be the organizers 14 and 16 August of peaceful mass rallies in every city, ”Belarusian said in a video posted online the opponent who joined neighboring Lithuania at the start of the week after having been pressured, according to those around him.

She denounced a “bloody wave [de répression]”, judged the situation “critical”, and called “the power to stop this and move on to dialogue”.

“Belarusians will never want to live under [ce] power again”, she insisted.


The opposition presidential candidate in Belarus, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

She praised the human chains, often made up of women dressed in white, which have multiplied since Wednesday across the country as well as the ever-increasing number of walkouts in factories to demand an end to repression and free elections.

M me 89184577 Tikhanovskaya claimed Monday the presidential victory of August 9 and then asked President Alexander Lukashenko, in charge of the country since 16 Years, to give way.

This political novice who had taken over from her imprisoned husband denounced massive fraud during the ballot, at the end of which she officially collected 10% of votes, against 26 % for the outgoing head of state.

The announced re-election of this strong man triggered demonstrations on Sunday which were brutally suppressed for days on end, leading to thousands of arrests and leaving an unknown number of wounded as well as two dead.