Beautiful benefits of iron supplements

We all crave deep in our heart to have flawless skin without wearing make up, luscious hairs without any chemical treatment or blow dry, wonder why some people have perfect nails without getting a hole in their pockets. Well answer to all these is simple, a good balanced diet is the key to all your closed doors. Now the frequently asked question is how to and what is a healthy diet ? everyone knows the definition written in books but no one has the time to work on it. The end result is all what we have in the form of dull dry patchy skin, Brittle dry hair with spilt ends, Chapped lips and nails. On the deeper side lack of nutrition leads to fatigue, dizziness, sleeplessness and other major health issues.

Tips for a healthy diet : 

  • always check for the label at the back of product you are consuming, this will make you aware of your daily intake .
  • Find out the amount of sugar your consuming on daily basis unknowingly, even bread and chapattis have sugar contents.
  • Control and modify your diet according to your body’s requirement, suppose you are having anaemia then you need iron supplements on daily basis.
  • Add legumes and fruits in your diet as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which helps to support your immunity as well as healing power of your body.
  • Stay away from frozen, fried and preserved foods.

myths about taking health supplements 

its always believed that you take medicines only when you are ill, why i should be taking any capsule , I am healthy and fit . that’s quite true but you need to understand difference between medicines and health supplements. Allopathic medications which includes steroids, NSAIDS ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ) , pain killers and antibiotics are for curing and restoring our health.

on the other hand health supplements are those essentials vitamins and minerals which are required on daily basis by our body. But with changing lifestyle and bad eating habits we are not able to receive that amount. So by taking a single capsule daily you are fulfilling that essential gap.

Specific health benefits related to iron 

  • Iron is basically present each cell of your body, most of it is found in red blood cells.
  • It strengthens your muscles
  • Brings a natural glow in your skin by improving blood circulation
  • Fights against hair loss as better blood circulation to scalp
  • Improves your appetite and body metabolism
  • Speed up wound healing process
  • Gives you energy and boost to brain
  • Essential for a health pregnancy
  • Helps in maintaining proper menstruation cycle

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