Bail of half a million for ex-policeman charged with murder of Rayshard Brooks

(Washington) American justice Tuesday fixed at half a million dollars the bail of a former white police officer of Atlanta charged with murder for having shot a young black man, Rayshard Brooks, during a arrest.

France Media Agency

This amount “is not excessive”, given the emotion aroused by the drama, said judge Jane Barwick at a hearing in this big city in the southern United States.

Victim's widow, Tomika Miller, pleaded in tears that Constable Garrett Rolfe, 27 years, remains in detention. He “has already proven to be a danger to the community,” she said.

Counsel for the accused, for their part, maintained that he was within his rights when he opened fire on Raychard Brooks. “He was an agent doing his duty. A suspect had raised the tension […] and a death followed “, declared M e Bill Thomas.

On 12 June, employees of a fast food restaurant Atlanta called the police because a sleeping person driving his car was blocking access to the restaurant's drive-in. Upon arrival, officers discovered Rayshard Brooks, 27 years old, intoxicated.

The young man had been cooperative for more than half an hour. The situation had escalated when the officers wanted to arrest him: he grabbed one of the police’s taser and fled.


Garrett Rolfe and Rayshard Brooks during the intervention, on 12 June latest

Constable Rolfe then opened fire, even if, according to the prosecutor, “Mr. Brooks did not pose an immediate threat”. According to the official autopsy, he died after being shot twice in the back.

Garrett Rolfe was immediately dismissed from the police and charged with murder, a chief facing the death penalty in the state of Georgia. His colleague, Devin Brosnan, is being prosecuted for assault. He is cooperating with the justice system and has been released on bail.

The drama has rekindled anger in the United States, alive since the death of George Floyd, an African-American asphyxiated by a white policeman from Minneapolis on 25 may.