AbRam Worshipping Lord Ganesha

Everyone is celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi regardless of religion by bringing home Lord Ganesha’s idol and worshipping Him. Shah Rukh Khan is also no exception to it and he too celebrated the festival with his family.

He shared a photo in which his younger son AbRam can be seen worshipping Lord Ganesha.

The caption that SRK wrote is, “Our Ganpati ‘Pappa’ is home, as the lil one calls him.”

There are different views of people regarding Shahrukh Khan celebrating Hindu Festival, many who praised the actor for celebrating every religion’s festival whole-heartedly and practicing humanity as religion; however, a number of other people were offended by his post.
Many fans of Shah Rukh Khan are angry with him, they said that they would unfollow him.

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