Again a rape case which shook our political system

PM Modi on Kathua rape: Such incidents, be it in any state of the country, shatter human emotions. (@narendramodi/Twitter)

Recently a rape & murder of a young 8 year old girl has sparked major outraged in whole country. People are on streets for protest and doing silent candle marches. This is not the only case which has got so much of political intervention and overall attention. There has been many such instances, one where a juvenile teenager was gangraped by 2 brothers, one of them is a MLA of the ruling party .Public has shown their anger on social media. But this time the ruling government is under scan as their has been not much of response from their party members .

Although the rape occurred on 10th of January but it got media attention in the month of April when a group of lawyers physically blocked the courtyard for police officers from filling a FIR of the case .In addition to this they even Flagged a march along with Hindu ekta manch . Which was leaded by some MLA’s of BJP . After getting highlighted in media, many celebrities joined the protest and posted on social media. Opposition leaders targeted Mr. Prime minister for his silence about his team candidates involved in both cases.

Actor Akshay Kumar tweeted, “Yet again we’ve failed as a society. Can’t think straight as more chilling details on [the] case emerge…her innocent face refuses to leave me. Justice must be served, hard and fast!”

Yesterday Mr. Modi gave a brief response on tweeter where he assured for justice for everyone. But this is not helping to solve the major outrage of anger among people. Two government officials have resigned after supreme court stepped in. But the victims are yet to get justice .

The bitter truth behind the kathua case is , it was strategically planned and executed to create terror among nomadic Muslim communities. Also the culprits include 2 police officials and a temple priest along with his juvenile son & nephew. Adding to more worse situation when the lawmakers also supported the accused and didn’t let the case get registered only. The poor condition of women safety in India is again in news, this time for communal reasons .

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