A model tattooed her eyeball purple. She now could lose her eye.

A Canadian version who tried to get her eyeball “tattooed” purple a few months ago today says she’s in danger of losing her attention completely, after months of “excruciating” pain along with compromised vision.

Catt Gallinger was already a lover of extreme body modification, after all, she said, a person offered to blot her eyeball by injecting ink into the snowy portion of her attention. The process, known as sclera staining, could lead to a sudden visual effect which has gained popularity recently among those who enjoy changing their bodies in unconventional manners.

So Gallinger consented and picked purple, her favorite color. But on the afternoon of the process, something went horribly wrong.

Three months later, the inner swelling stayed and doctors told her she had been at risk of moving indefinitely blind in the affected eye, ” she explained.

Gallinger started posting public Facebook updates regarding her attention on Sept. 20 to warn others against the process. By then, she explained, she’d visited the hospital a few occasions and was prescribed a ton of antibiotics and steroidal eye drops to decrease inflammation. Her eyesight in that eye had fuzzy and revealed no signs of advancing, she added.


“There are multiple people who can attest that my aftercare was good and any other part of what I am saying,” Gallinger wrote. “I am NOT sharing this with you to cause trouble, I am sharing this to warn you to research who you get your procedures by as well as how the procedure should be properly done.”

Gallinger has lasted posting regular updates on Facebook, vacillating between resignation and anger. Her objective, she’s repeatedly stated, is to warn people from making the identical mistake she did.

“The pain sits in along my socket and in behind the eye, and it feels like something’s trying to push its way out,” she said in a Facebook video Nov. 5. “I woke up with less sight today. It’s blurry again, so that’s not the greatest thing.”

On Nov. 10: “As you can tell, the eye is swelling again. I am not certain why. It is super bloated. No words to the pain. None at all.”

At a Facebook Live session Nov. 17, Gallinger took issue with a movie she’d seen online that characterized sclera staining as “trendy” but “insecure”

“Risky is, oh, I might get a scar for it or oh, it might cause a little bit of bruising. That’s risky. [Sclera staining is] downright dangerous,” she said. “This video has me, like, so worked up! The whole point of me being public, the whole point of me telling my story, the whole point of everything is to create awareness against that, is to help people realize the damage that could be done.”

Over two weeks after, Gallinger’s prognosis hasn’t improved, despite a few expect early on that she might undergo surgery to remove excess ink from her attention. But she maintained her physicians were unfamiliar with exactly what might be done since they had never managed this case earlier. Rather, a bloated layer of lavender has depended upon in which the white of her affected eye ought to be. She’s spent weeks moisturizing the eye using artificial tears to combat a scar that is thinning.

Luna Cobra, an Australian body modification artist, claims to have devised sclera discoloration about a decade past. Even he’s a warning on his site from getting the process performed by “copycats.”

“I personally haven’t trained anybody else to perform this process. I’ve appeared on several different TV/news sections however, and have motivated many copycats worldwide,” he wrote. “It is important to understand because without the correct instruction, training, expertise and advice, these professionals have caused eyesight impairments like blurry vision, spots or floaters, and even blindness.

On Facebook, Gallinger reported that she’d been connected with Luna Cobra because her ordeal — and added that, although she said she kissed him, she had no plans to undergo the process again.

“Just please be careful who you just get your mods out of and do your study,” Gallinger wrote. “I do not need this to occur to anybody else.”


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