911 receives reports of family violence quarantined by coronavirus


Health authorities call not to 'carry women' s hands' during the coronavirus quarantine

Televisa Newscasts SOURCE: newscasts televisa FROM: CDMX, México

Authorities of the Ministry of Health reported that the 911 will be receiving reports of domestic violence during the quarantine by the coronavirus.

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In today's press conference from the National Palace, the authorities pointed out that during the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Mexico, cases of family violence can be presented, so they asked to raise the corresponding reports on the emergency telephone number. of the 911.

The authorities asked “not to carry the hand of the women” during the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

They called to express positive emotions and for the whole family to collaborate in household activities, in order to maintain a healthy coexistence with the family.

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