10 Best Political Podcasts on the internet that are really worth listening

For those, who that don’t know what a podcast is, here is a small crash course. A podcast is actually an audio and video-based broadcast that is available to the viewers for download.

Now that you know what a podcast is, you must be thinking how cool it is. While some of the podcasts are really cool, others are really hasty and a complete wastage of time. But that doesn’t mean that they are not educational.

Take politics as an example. If you love politics, you must know how hard it is to find a place where the repeating of news and lectures are avoided. But then again, it is not their fault. Everyone wants something out of it and they lose the passion in the process. But if you are into podcasts and really love politics, here is a list of 10 best political Podcasts on the internet that really worth listening.

10 Best Political Podcasts on the internet

1.    The Break Through:

If you are a fresh graduate, a student or just someone who can’t resist the urge to get familiar with new things, this is the place for you. If you are young, spirited or both, you might get a lot out of it in terms of politics. ProPublica is already a big name in the industry of non-profit news industry. And the Break Through truly dignifies the name and the reason why it holds such a position.

2.       Intercepted:

Intercepted is the best there is if you are looking for something in matters of politics.  Like ProPublica, this is also a record-breaking podcast channel with Jeremy Scahill as the host. He is an award-winning journalist and the only way you can understand his potential is to make sure that you go through this channel. He really knows how to use words.

  1. The Bernie Sanders Show:

Despite being a busy man, Bernie Sanders is a very fond of podcasting. The reason to that is a clear picture of his contents in the last 7 months. What makes this show interesting and unique is the approach of other celebrities in his show. From politicians to normal people, you will find everyone sitting in that chair discussing politics. If you love what you see and like to get familiar with the new content, then this is the right place for you.

4.    Still processing

There is a difference between a podcast with boring lectures and a podcast channel with something fun to watch and read. ‘Still processing’ comes in the second section. The show is hosted by the New York Times culture writers Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham. If you are looking for something that can make you feel like you are in the program, this is the right thing for you. This is not only a fun place to rest your ears but also education, insightful and worth listening. The only way to fully understand the situation is to make a quick entry to the show.

  1. The Chauncey DeVega Show:

If you are someone who is looking towards the fresh content with lots of educational values to consider, this is it. It’s a weekly podcast with people from all around the sociality. If you love the insight, new people to appear and to make sense which most of the podcasts miss, this is the perfect combo for you. It’s unique, classy and the best part, it’s on politics. The best part about this show is that it’s light, user-friendly and non-controversial.

6.    The Bob Cesca Show:

The Bob Cesca show is based on a completely different version than the others. The main fact of this show is to maintain a good and humorous point of view and stick to main subject, politics. Bob Cesca makes the show a particularly fun place you start with if you are new to this whole ‘political podcast’ thing. But there is still one thing that makes the entire show unique. Humor is actually a very attractive thing if you know how to use it. And when it comes to Bob Cesca, he knows how good he can go it without even doing it.

  1. Best of the Left:

Best of the left is like its name, a western based podcast channel. This channel primarily features issues related to Trump and its administrative features. The best part of this podcast channel is the point of view that it presents. While most of the channels are static and concentrate on one single view, this channel has a different outlook that makes it a little different than it is already. If you want to dig a little dipper, my suggestion is, you take a look at the few episodes. There is a good chance that 9ou might like it.

  1. This American Life:

If you are a good listener and also into politics, this is a good place for you to learn some new ideas. This Podcast channel has a view of their own making it a little different than it is already. The show is a popular radio show which Ira Glasses hosts. But the fact that this show is a complete delicacy is completely on the host and the people associating. The biggest reason why this show is a hit? It’s awesome, what else do you want?

9.    Trumpcast:

Love Trump or hate Trump? Well, it doesn’t matter. No matter how much you are into Trump, you just can’t get enough of his ridiculous activities. The best part about Trump cast is that it has endless material to make videos with endless things that Trump does unnecessarily. But that’s not all if you are looking for a good relaxing show that broadcasts weekly; you need a few more things to go with it. Trumpcast is funny, logical and the best part, it is full of new materials for you o explore and make yourself ill with wit and humour.

  1. Pod Save America:

If you want something good and calm for your end of the daily stress to go out of the window, this is it. The show is hosted by Obama’s personal favourites Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor. The show is centred with the newly launched Trumpian politics. Since the country is no longer in a good state to understand privileges, this podcast channel is a good way to make the entire see the better side. It’s good, informative and a complete logical outlook on the entire parliament itself.

So, now that you know what podcasts you want to take in for your free time, it is time for you to get started. But do remember to get the best out of it and make a few notes. If you do, who knows, maybe you can start a channel of your own that ends up on our next list.

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